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“I was pleasantly surprised that screens didn’t have to be assembled at all! They worked perfectly and were just what we needed. They are for a daycare site that uses half of the gymnasium as a classroom. The screens provided a semi-permanent wall that truly divides the space. Now the kids in the “classroom” side are free from distraction from the “gym” side. The best part is we can still take the dividers down to open the gym back up.  Thank you for making just what we needed!”

                Matt, Glenville NY

Portable School Room Dividers• Movable Wall Partitions•Art Display Systems

There are many uses for our school partitions, dividers, and screens. Every one of our classroom dividers partitions is:

    • Extremely versatile: We have 36 sizes and 38 colors!
    • Easy to use
    • Sound absorbent
    • Exceptionally durable
    • Practical and economical
    • Remarkably stable
    • Tackable

    Portable Classroom Partitions with Proven Space Saving Solutions

    Administrators, teachers, and students alike will enjoy the versatility, and privacy these accordion-style classroom dividers partitions provide. Divide one room for two classes with ease or create a variety of temporary wall configurations with our classroom dividers. Partitions are great for creating “L,” “U,” cross, or curve shapes around desks. Connect two or more sturdy room dividers to make complex configurations or long continuous lengths. The sky is the limit when it comes to your creative setup ideas! Simply walk dividers open, placing corners where needed.


    Choose between attractive vinyl or fabric-covered portable class room dividers to match your room’s decor or to accent any space with a splash of bright color! Fabric-covered school dividers accept staples, push pins, and thumbtacks for displaying school projects and artwork. Or check out some of our great options to make your dividers, even more, versatile. For instance, you could hang a whole exhibit’s worth of artwork with our optional artwork hangers. Adding our Scotchgard option will help protect our school partitions from dirt and stains, and our antimicrobial coating option helps to control germs and disease.

    Most school customers buy folding classroom partitions for a specific area they wish to divide but then find many new uses for them once they are in place. Hide construction debris or screen off a restricted area with one of our temporary walls. Use classroom partitions for school plays or a science fair. How about creating booths in your gym for job fairs or special parent events with your Screenflex Room Divider? In addition to their great looks, Screenflex room dividers are sound-absorbing, blocking up to 55% of the noise from one side to the other!

    Learn more details about these quality-built, USA-made portable school partitions online before you purchase, or feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your order. All of our products for sale are made from only the highest-quality materials that are designed to last. We are happy to send large fabric samples, so you can see what you’ll be getting before you buy a portable wall partition. Contact us today!

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