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We are Here to Help You Choose the Right Room Divider Size for Your Space

To select the correct school divider size you must consider the intended use of the portable room dividers.  Whether you are looking to create a highly personalized learning environment that supports multiple concurrent pedagogies, a dynamic art show, private tutoring centers, or meeting rooms, having the best size room divider will help you achieve your goals. Tell us about your room-dividing needs and we’ll help you choose the right size, number, and configuration of tall or short room dividers.  With 36 different size rolling walls for you to choose from we are confident you will find a temporary wall that easily configures to suit almost any space. Our room dividers are available in six lengths ranging from 5 feet 9 inches to 24 feet 1 inch, and six heights ranging from 4 feet to our 8 feet tall. Better yet, we offer a no-obligation, free room plan service.  After we get your room dimensions and spacial needs, we can help you decide if you need any extra length or height or guide you to the right folding room partition. For instance, if you are looking for temporary walls that allow for increased student concentration, additional classrooms, improved acoustics we may suggest tall room dividers to accommodate your space.  If division with vision is your goal our half-wall room divider provides the separation you need with a clear sight over the dividers.  If necessary, we can help you add optional connectors to join units together, creating just the temporary wall you need.  Each Standard school room divider is manufactured from a series of 22-inch wide hinged panels connected by a full-length hinge to create the desired length.  A 24″ door can be added to increase the length of the divider.  The accordion-style construction of these versatile room dividers enables each panel to fold 180 degrees allowing for the room divider to be arranged in 60 seconds.  Need to store a tall or small room divider when you’re not using it? Not a problem! They require only a 2-foot-by-3-foot area of storage space. This is about the size of a large office chair. What’s more, multiple Screenflex portable dividers nest together for compact storage.

With our portable school room dividers you can:

  1. Divide a classroom
  2. Create privacy wherever needed
  3. Cut down on room noise
  4. Make space for before and after-school programs
  5. Screen student-restricted areas
  6. Make backdrops for guest speakers

Besides offering a large collection of school room divider color and size choices, our experienced sales team is here to help you make the best decision possible. Don’t see the exact Screenflex product you are looking for?  Call us at 855-308-2122 and receive a no obligation written quote about Screenflex Room Divider products.  


Call now with any questions and get an additional $50 off a no obligation quote!
855-308-2122 Note: offer valid on Standard, Heavy Duty, and WALLMount room dividers.
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